Diversity Statement - CEO

Message on Diversity from Jim Collins, CEO

Corteva Agriscience™ is influencing the future of farming through advanced technologies and state-of-the-art research and development breakthroughs. Growing a future like ours can never be achieved by a single person or a singular mindset. Our goals can only be achieved by bringing forward a truly diverse and inclusive workforce where each employee feels valued and empowered to fully engage in their work every day.

Through diversity of backgrounds and perspectives, we gain the benefit of different ways of looking at our business. Promoting inclusion leads to innovative breakthroughs for our customers and an engaging employee experience for our people.

Our commitment to inclusion and diversity begins at the top. Our entire leadership team encourages our employees to expand their knowledge and gain new experiences. Inclusion comes from open interactions with people who think differently than us. It comes from teams that collaborate across disciplines, identities, and cultures from around the globe.

Inclusion and diversity are not just words on paper, they are part of our core values. Building Together is the way we do business and critical to our future success.

To continue our progress, we are developing a comprehensive Inclusion and Diversity Plan as a roadmap for our collective success. This plan will be deeply connected to our business strategy and a number of the actions are already in place and already occurring.

Through teamwork, we can ensure that Corteva Agriscience™ continues to build on our foundational values around respect for people to foster an environment in which every employee is contributing fully and able to win for themselves, for Corteva and for our customers.

Grow What Matters,

Jim Collins